January 18, 2010

Full Tilt

Full Tilt Ice Cream

After another decent-but-not-great dinner at Island Soul, the wife, a friend of ours, and I walked the couple of blocks to Full Tilt Ice Cream. I'd had a hankering for the chocolate coconut curry (CCC) ice cream ever since they tweeted about it a few days before, and I had had to satisfy my need. Fortunately the Columbia City store still had some CCC in stock, so I ordered up a double dip waffle cone, with salted caramel w/ Sailor Jerry spiced rum on top and CCC on bottom. The Sailor Jerry salted caramel was decadent beyond belief, and the CCC was everything I had hoped for, though a bit more curry wouldn't have hurt my feelings.

I had my birthday party at Full Tilt, and they did an amazing job on my custom flavor, bacon banana, so I'm a big fan. Full Tilt has some of the most original flavors and nicest people in Seattle, so go give them your ice cream business.

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