January 4, 2010

The gristly bits...

Hi there.

This is my fourth or fifth attempt to start a food blog, so we'll see how long I actually maintain this one. The idea is to blog about my food adventures, from the crap I cook at home to where were eating in Seattle (my home base) and beyond.

I hope to share with you, the one or two folks that stumble across this blog, recipes, advice on canning and preserving, restaurant reviews, and whatever else I feel like sharing.


  1. I look forward to your food musics dear husband.

  2. Hey Brett. Met you at a bbq at Michele & Denise's. Fellow Texan, Leah. Hi again! :)

    Have to say, I saw your FB post about your glutamate blog today and subsequently read all of your entries here this year. Fantastic stuff ... keep it up, please! I'm particularly interested in trying the chilaquiles, biscuit bread pudding, and the unusual chicken curry recipe.

    If you happen by a really good carne guisada recipe, I'd love to hear about it. I miss that tex-mex dish a lot. Most people know carne asada, but not the stew (guisada). I usually fake my way through my own version by combining beef gravy with a good salsa and a little chipotle, cumin and mexican oregano and pressure cooking stew meat. Turns out ok (tasty) but I'm still looking.

    Happy blogging ... (and of course, eating!)